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I took Cami to the mall on Saturday. We were in the bookstore when a very nice young lady asked if she could pet Cami. I like to make a fuss and reward kids who do what they're supposed to do, so I gave Cami her "make friends" command and let the girl pet her.

Well, this started a near riot of people coming over to pet the dog. The last one still hanging around was a little boy who was probalby about 6 or 7 years old. He wasn't really petting her, he was more keeping contact with her. He kept his hand on her head while he yelled to his sister to come over and talked to me.

Now here's where it gets funny. See Cami is a lovely young lady herself. She is quite pretty and pictures really don't do her justice. So if you think she is pretty from her pictures, multiply that by 10 and you have her true prettiness. However, she is a bit of freak when it comes to her rear end.

See some goldens are curly and some have really straight hair. Cami has really straight hair until just above her hips. Then it gets really curly, all the way into her tail. Once her hair has reached the end of her tail, it straightens out again.

No amount of brushing will tame her wild locks. She is especially curly after a bath, which she had one on Friday.

So this little boy is petting her (or rather touching her) and talking to me.

Boy: Do you have a brush?
Me: Do you mean do I have a brush here or do I brush her?
Boy: Do you brush her?
Me: I brush her sometimes.
Boy: Well, she could really use it because back here (motioning to hip area) is really whoo-hoo, wild.

There you go, style advice from an elementary school student. If you don't brush your hair regularly, your hair will become whoo-hoo, wild.

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