yeah, another template with a lily on it yeah, another template with a lily on it
Cami and I went out and about today. First we went to Target to pick up my medicine. Then we went to Winn Dixie to get my soda and finally we went to McDonald's to get my breakfast. As you can see, it was all about me :o)

While we were waiting at the stop light coming out of McDonald's, there was a garbage truck to our left. It was one of those big dumpster picking up trucks. Cami had her face out the window and I looked back to see her sniffing with much interest.

Then the truck started compacting it's garbage and there was a steady stream of garbage water falling to the ground about a foot away from Cami. I could see her little blond mind trying to figure out how she could get out and roll in it.

The truck made a loud noise that startled her, but she never put her head back in the window. I suppose the delicious smell of rotting and fermenting garbage is more important than a little fight or flight reaction.

did you miss?

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